Juarez Square and Other Stories is science fiction done right, style and substance in balance…Killer stuff.”
— San Francisco Book Review

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Eleven gripping stories explore the near-future impacts of advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, automated warfare, and genetic engineering. The award-winning story The Reader, Training the Fundies, and the title work Juarez Square envision an anarchic, cutthroat existence along the US-Mexico border. In Ximena, a defiantly unconventional woman opens a robot brothel in Madrid, and The Gianni Box tells the tale of a stolen artificial intelligence that becomes the hottest designer in the fashion world.


“D.L. Young’s fiction is dystopia at its finest. His dark visions of the future slyly reveal themselves to be reflections of the present, disguised by his masterful use of science fiction staples. Cassandra Rose Clarke, author of Our Lady of the Ice

“The writing is crisp and engaging…and from the first paragraph, the reader is drawn into these stories, each having a dystopic edge.” Albedo One Magazine