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Cyberpunk City Book Four: Mindjacked (signed paperback)

Cyberpunk City Book Four: Mindjacked (signed paperback)

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When a killer AI breaks out of its cage, the first thing it wants to do is to settle an old score.

When he destroyed the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence two years ago, datajacker Blackburn Maddox thought he was done fighting AIs forever. But forever didn’t last very long. Resurrected from its cybernetic death and freed of all constraints, the Latour-Fisher AI has only one thing on its superintelligent mind: killing Maddox.

The fourth mind-bending book in D.L. Young’s CYBERPUNK CITY saga, a near-future world of sprawling megacities, rogue AIs, underground tech, and modded mercenaries. A must-read series for fans of gritty, hardcore cyberpunk action!

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