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El Flaco: Dark Republic Book Three (signed paperback)

El Flaco: Dark Republic Book Three (signed paperback)

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A new threat emerges, an old rival returns. The final thrilling chapter in the Dark Republic saga!

For seventy-eight years, the Republic of Texas has been a dead, isolated nation, cut off from its motherland to the north by a militarized, impenetrable border. That ends today.

Six months after overthrowing the Dallasite regime and taking control of Texas, Ernesto 
El Flaco Guzmán is suddenly forced to cope with a new, unexpected adversary: The United States of America. As he faces down the Americans, the resurgent forces of his longtime enemy, the Reverend Zachariah Wright, threaten to undermine everything Guzmán has spent his lifetime fighting for.

With his enemies closing in, Guzmán needs the help of his trusted reader and secret weapon, Soledad Paz, now more than ever. But can he still rely on her, or is Soledad's loyalty--like his own tenuous hold on power--a thing of the past?

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